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At Consult Inspect Design we are always available by phone or email to discuss the problems you are having with your hardwood flooring. Whether it’s an installation, finishing or manufacturing problem we will encourage you to work with the other party to reach an amicable solution prior to an inspection being commissioned.

Once it is decided that an inspection is warranted then we will perform a site visit and collect all necessary information that we can to help us reach a conclusion as to why the problem is present. We follow both industry inspection standards as well as our empirical experience.

It is that empirical experience that sets us apart from other inspection companies. You should ask yourself when commissioning an inspection does the inspector really know the product and installation/finishing techniques?  Do they have the actual job site experience to know when something is a problem and how to correct it? Do they know how a product is going to react in a real life scenario, not an article they read?

Choosing the right inspector is important for many reasons, has the inspector been certified by the National Wood Flooring Association, the legal experts in the field and not a carpet cleaning organization?

Unfortunately an inspection doesn’t mean the responsible party is going to accept the conclusions.  The difference in litigation can be the inspector you choose, their experience and the organization that has certified them. The National Wood Flooring Association is the accepted governing body of the wood flooring industry as recognized by the United States Government.

At Consult Inspect Design – Technical Services, we have been recognized as experts by the US Judicial System on many occasions. Our experience cannot be duplicated.

The cost of an inspection can vary based on many factors including locale, size of job, and services requested. Some of the ASTM Test we are able to perform as part of our inspection process includes:

  1. Calcium Chloride
  2. In-Situ RH Testing (Relative Humidity for Concrete)
  3. Moisture testing of products including true oven testing
  4. Adhesion testing of finishes
  5. Scratch resistance testing of applied finishes
  6. Fastener Placement

In addition we compare all installation techniques to the associated manufacturer’s guidelines or governing body.

Many people ask for a sample report so that they can make an informed decision prior to commission an inspection. As you can see we don’t just put a picture on a page and let you try and figure it out. Our reports are written so the lay person can understand it.

So look through the pictures and call us if we can help.

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